Kitchen renovations are a popular, major project. It’s a project that goes beyond minimal home improvement; it encompasses new appliance layouts or installations, lighting fixture reworks, and new drywall work, amongst other factors. If you’re looking for some key tips to tackle your kitchen renovation project, read further for the help you’re looking for.

Kitchen cabinets are a major component of any kitchen, residential or not. The ease of access the homeowner has to their cabinets, as well as the level of functionality their cabinets are at is important too.

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Estimating your desired cabinet depth, width, and height should be a specific process that you have fully considered. Making sure your cookware, spices, and foods are in a section of the kitchen that makes sense for your layout is a major part of the renovation plans.

Arranging the order in which you want renovation processes done is a task that you can accomplish with the help of your contractors or/and interior designer. Knowing your exact wants in terms of paint compatibility with kitchen cabinets, backsplash implementation, and flooring installation will help with determining which steps are best to knock out first.

If you’re looking for more kitchen renovation tips, check out the video we have linked above.


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