A bathroom renovation is a valuable investment requiring the experience and expertise of a professional bathroom remodeler. A bathroom renovation involves working with electrical and plumbing fixtures, waterproof finishes, quality paint, and other complex materials that add aesthetics. That said, you need to consider the space layout, materials to use, fixtures, and accessories you need to complete the project. Here are 10 reasons you should hire pros for your shower refresh.

They Save Time

Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home improvement tasks. In fact, Today’s Homeowner reported 27% of homeowners tackled bathroom renovations in 2022. However, it’s the most complex task you can do for your home improvement. Bathroom contractors work with a team of professionals to complete this project.

A shower refresh project involves upgrading the old electrical fixtures. The first one is the circuit for lighting which involves light installation to the ceiling and the walls. The second one is the roof fan circuit which involves the installation of the switch on the wall, the wiring, and the fan on the roofing. Third, professionals install a GFCI-protected outlet to prevent potential electrocution near the water.

The other things you must install are the plumbing fixtures, which include faucets in case you need extra cold or hot water in the bath. They also include sinks for cleaning your hands after visiting the washrooms, shower fixtures that can be connected to electricity, bathtubs, showers, shower enclosures, and shower bases. These fixtures may require a team of professional plumbers to install.

Other tasks associated with the bathroom renovation include tiling and wall repainting. Bathrooms require professional tile installation because it’s a risky area that can expose you to potential falls. Additionally, you need some storage space like the cabinet, quality doors, and the door locks.

Since bathroom remodeling contractors work with a team of professionals, they can complete the work faster compared to unqualified contractors. You may also work for several days before completing this project, considering you lack experience in most activities. As such, when it comes to saving time, professionals come in handy. And this saves the family members from long struggles when it comes to bathroom use.

It Saves You Money

The reason you must hire professionals for shower refresh is cost-effectiveness. According to Build Magazine, professionals help you save money because they have access to wholesale pricing of materials that can complete the bathroom renovation project. Additionally, professionals give a quote for the whole project, which tends to cost less than handling and paying for each section at a time.

The other reason professionals help you save money is they are sure of the products they use. Professionals have vast experience in the field; so they will avoid low-quality materials and workmanship. This would be the opposite if you tried to work on your project. You can mess around by installing wrong materials, which can cost you more than the budget when you call professionals to complete the project.

Another reason professionals help you save money is they are well-insured. So, in case any of your property is damaged within the contract duration, you will get paid. Most unqualified contractors may lack the liability coverage, and you’ll end up purchasing or repairing damaged property with your money. Unqualified contractors can also do poor plumbing services which can cost you much on replacement.

Lastly, poor workmanship can cause more charges because the authorities may request you to vacate the home as investigations and repairs are made. For instance, if sewage leaks, it can pose health dangers to the household members. For the safety of your children and pets, you may need to rent out a room in a hotel as you wait for the repairs to be completed. This can add more to your renovation budget.

Protects Your Property

Before you hire a contractor for the shower refresh project, ensure they are covered for the safety of your property. There are two main insurance policies they must have. The first one is the general liability insurance which protects against third-party property damage. It also covers bodily injury to other people.

For instance, if you get injured due to poor local plumbing services, the contractor must cover your medical bills. Additionally, if your property is damaged, for example, a car windshield was broken by the workers, the general liability will cater for the replacement costs. General liability insurance is an assurance that your property will be safe.

The second insurance coverage is the workers’ compensation. This insurance covers medical bills and compensates the employees if they get injured at work. Workers’ compensation ensures another employee is hired to replace the injured so the project will not delay. Secondly, it protects the contractors from being sued by the workers.

Normally, when a contractor is sued, the project may be delayed. This can cost you a lot of resources because you’d find alternatives if your bathroom isn’t ready for use. Other insurance coverage that a contractor must have apart from the two main ones is the contractor’s pollution. Pollution may involve the dumping of concrete material and old broken tiles after the tile services.

Another beneficial coverage is automobile liability insurance. Contractors use trucks to deliver different materials for the projects. In case the truck is involved in an accident, this coverage will protect them in case of third-party injury claims. All insurance coverage benefits the client and the contractor in one way or the other.


The reason you would need professional contractors for your shower refresh project is expertise. Professionals bring a wealth of expertise to the table, especially if you need some advice. They have several years in the industry, so they understand different types of layouts and the materials you need for your bathroom.

Take this example; you need plumbing service, and you are on a budget. Professionals will help you design the most simple plumbing system for your bathroom. Additionally, they will help design the best layout for your bathroom. They can choose to interchange the toilet and the bathtub to make the bathroom more functional, depending on their locations.

On the other hand, experts know well the safest areas to lay the plumbing lines. According to the Center for Disease Control, hot and cold water main lines should be hung on the basement ceiling. This is the safest place to install these pipes because the hot water pipe connects directly to the heater in the basement. And when it comes to connecting the hot water to the bathroom, professionals use stainless hose clamps because they are resistant to rusting.

Professionals also may advise you on better faucets and sinks to use in your bathroom in case you made a mistake during new construction plumbing. Stainless steel faucets are ideal for the bathroom because they are resistant to rusting. Experts recommend this material for shower refresh projects because bathrooms are the moistest rooms of the house.

Good Work Coordination

Bathroom remodelers can coordinate the shower refresh project well because they have vast experience. Bathroom renovations and other home improvement projects require different subcontractors and suppliers. For instance, they will have an electrician, tile expert, painter, plumber, and other professionals. Coordinating all these people can be a hard task for you as a homeowner.

Normally, you get into an agreement with the contractor on which services you’ll require. If you need bathroom renovation and drain cleaning service, they will calculate the costs and give you an estimate. The rest of the project will be coordinated by the contractor until the end. Afterward, you’ll review the project to determine if it meets your expectations as you make the payments.

Contractors develop coordination skills due to several years of work experience. Otherwise, if you choose to manage these professionals, you’d mess up. For instance, you can call the plumber and the electrician to do plumbing and wiring at different times. And in the end, you discover your design didn’t follow the wiring and the plumbing codes.

Professionals can also help obtain the work permits. The permit requirements for bathroom renovation vary from city to city, and you may fail to understand the procedure of applying for one. Since professionals work in different cities and carry out the process daily, they can help you obtain the permits easily.

Good Outcomes

The purpose of the shower refresh for many homeowners is increased comfort, safety, efficiency, and functionality. A bathroom should be comfortable in terms of space, the bathtub and the toilets. Secondly, it must be safe because you don’t want to risk your life in many ways. Most of the risks that come with unmaintained bathroom electrocution and fall.

You also want efficiency in terms of power consumption. That’s why you’d want to invest in the latest showers and LED bulbs that will save energy. On the other hand, you want water efficiency; the reason you must invest in stainless steel faucets to prevent leaking caused by rusting. Copper pipes are better for bathroom plumbing because they are resistant to rusting.

Finally, you want to add functionality to your bathroom. You can have the bathtub to relax and have some cool moments after the day’s work. You also need more storage area for your towels, soaps and other items. Professionals can connect to a local kitchen cabinet company to design for you a bathroom cabinet that will meet your demands.

Moreover, if you plan to list your property for sale, a renovated bathroom is one of the features that can increase return on investment. According to Open Door statistics, a full bathroom remodel can increase the value by 3.7%, which is a $11000 increase in resale price. A bathroom is one of the rooms that a home buyer will want to visit when viewing a house.

Ease of Stress

According to the Apollo Technical report, 44% of companies don’t allow remote workers. In fact, the covid 19 pandemic had pushed many companies to hire remote workers. But since the covid restrictions have started to ease, many people have resumed normal daily commute work.

That said, managing your shower refresh project while working can be a stressful task. Contractors help manage the job to the end, because they have skills and insurance coverage. In case of property damage or loss, you are sure of the coverage. This eases the stress of balancing the daily work and the home improvement project management.

Another issue that can stress you as a homeowner is sourcing the materials. Visiting different suppliers can be a stressful task. The contractor supplies the materials or visits different suppliers to get best offers. After the project is complete, the contractor organizes the home clean up and dumping of the waste materials.

Ability to Handle Complex Projects

Ability to handle complex projects is the reason you must hire professional bathroom contractors. For instance, if you want bathroom renovation with the sewage system installation, professionals have the knowledge and skills to handle both projects. The sewer system is complicated because one line can serve several bathrooms in the house.

On the other hand, the bathroom project is complicated because contractors work with several sub contractors. One small room needs plumbing, electrical lines, toilets and sewer connection, storage, and many other features to add functionality. The ability to handle these projects from start to finish and ensuring the outcome is good make professional contractors stand out from the unqualified. Also, these projects can be draining to handle as a homeowner.

They Offer Warranties

Professional contractors work with reliable material suppliers. That’s the reason you would enjoy the warranty from both sides. Contractors offer warranty if you face any challenge as a result of their mistakes. For example, if they tamper with the home water softener while doing plumbing, you have the right to file a warranty claim for repair.

On the other hand, if the materials supplied are faulty, you can file a claim to the supplier. The contractor will repair any fault for free and the supplier will supply new materials to replace the damaged ones. However, if you hire any company without checking their certifications, the cost may go on your side.

Shower refresh is a complex and popular project among many homeowners. In fact, a bathroom renovation can increase your home value or the ROI. But you must hire a professional bathroom contractor to achieve all the benefits; not any contractor who has a local custom signage advertising their business is legit. Normalize checking certifications and reading reviews from past clients before hiring.

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