In this video, the presenter demonstrates the installation of a custom glass enclosure for a walk-in shower. He begins by measuring the width and height of the shower area where the glass enclosure goes. Adding 1/8 inches to each measurement for a better fit is vital. Next, he marks the preferred wall height using a laser. Doing so makes it easier to install the glass at the correct level.

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Then, he measures the width of the shower opening at the top, middle, and bottom, as sometimes the walls may not be perfectly straight. He takes the smallest measurement and subtracts 1/8 inches to allow for installation. After obtaining the measurements, he ordered the custom glass enclosure. The 3/8 inches-thick glass is more durable and provides a premium look.

Once the glass enclosure arrives, the installation process begins. He applies a thin bead of silicone along the bottom track and sets it in place before securing the track with screws. Next, he places the glass panels into the track and adjusts them to ensure they’re level. A small amount of silicone on the edge of each panel creates a watertight seal, explaining why shower door services use it.

Lastly, he installs the door panel by attaching the hinges to the glass and the wall. He adjusts the door to ensure it opens and closes smoothly. Measuring and installing a custom glass enclosure for a walk-in shower requires careful measurements. Proper installation techniques and the use of a laser ensure a watertight seal and accuracy.


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