Tired, old kitchen cabinets needn’t be scrapped in a remodel. As long as they’re still sturdy, just paint them. This brings new life to the cabinets and kitchen. What does a kitchen cabinet painter do to achieve this? Marro from Ask This Old House tells us.

What You Should Know About Painting Kitchen Cabinets

First, break it down. Take off the knobs, door handles, and hinges.

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Be sure to label which door goes where. Otherwise, there will be a huge muddle.

Second, years of accumulated grease and dust should be deep cleaned off the cabinets. Next, the cabinets and drawers should be sanded in order for the primer to stick. Use a brush for the corners and areas the roller can’t reach.


Water-based enamel paint is formulated just for cabinets and trim. Choices include satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. You’ll apply the top coat or the base coat as well as at least two more coats of paint. Attach the hardware, put the cabinet doors and drawer facings back up, and you have an exciting new kitchen.

A coat of paint gives a room an aura. It can be quiet or envigorating. Kitchens will especially benefit from the expertise of a kitchen cabinet painter.


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