When it is time to remodel a bathroom, a few factors go into creating a quote. Learning which features have the most impact on the total cost. If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling companies San Diego CA, take a look at this article.

Cost Factors

There are some primary features of a bathroom remodel that dictate price. They include reconfiguration, vanity cabinet, shower glass, and tile selection.

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Reconfiguration of a bathroom can increase the cost significantly. Removing walls and fixtures or adding them increases the completion price by thousands.

Vanity cabinets are another factor in the cost of a remodel. Some custom cabinets cost up to ten thousand dollars, but most run approximately three to five thousand for luxury vanity cabinets.

Your shower glass can also be costly. Luxury or spa-style showers can be a significant cost for a remodeling project. The larger the shower, the more custom glass is required.

Finally, your tile can also drive up the price of your remodel. Some tile is quite expensive, especially if it’s custom or covers a large space.

Ask a Professional

If you want to learn more about bathroom remodeling costs, contact a contractor. They can provide an estimate or quote. This will give you an excellent figure to help you budget and know what to expect.

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